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Prestige Saunas

For the most discerning tastes, the Prestige series takes sauna design to new heights. Working closely with European designers, Helo combines modern design with the highest quality wood from sustainable forests of the Pacific Northwest and Scandinavia: Clear Western Red Cedar, European Alder, and Select Aspen.

Northern Star Cedar Sauna by Helo

"Northern Star" Sauna 5' x 5' Cedar

Perfect for the master bath suite, in-home exercise area or a private retreat, this sauna is loaded with luxury. Its European design includes a dramatic curved glass door, integral shelving, and low-voltage lighting inside and out. Exterior dimensions available are 5'x5', 6'x6' and 7'x7', plus 6" overhang. Includes S0 heater, rocks, bucket, ladle and thermometer. Available with Cedar or Alder finishes.

With six designs to select from, Prestige saunas complement any upscale home environment - from in-home fitness centers and luxurious bathroom suites, to stand alone sauna suites. And don't overlook these beautiful designs for apartment/condominium fitness centers and commercial health and fitness centers. The extensive use of glass, angles curves, deluxe interior and innovative use of lighting make them the ultimate in sauna bathing.

European Alder Passport Series Sauna

The "Passport Series"

The Passport Series of panel-built saunas is one of best values available in traditional saunas. Several unique features make it one of the easiest saunas to own - easy to assemble with plug-in simplicity, yet loaded with upgrades typically found in designer type saunas.

• Clear Canadian Hemlock interior and exterior.
• Exterior is furnished with biodegradable wood treatment for a furniture quality, luxurious look.
• Stereo/CD sound system.
• Lighted exterior overhang with puck lighting.
• Interior low voltage recessed puck lighting with colored therapy lighting.
• Built in vinyl floor.
• Hook and pin panel design. Installs in less than One Hour!!
• Stainless steel heater with digital controls.
• 4 sizes to choose from: 4x4, 4x6, 5x5 comer and 6x6 corner.

All this and a great price too!! Contact Us for more information and prices.

Passport Series Helo Saunas

Panel Built Modular Saunas

Panel Built SaunaPanel Built Modular Saunas are a perfect addition to any home or patio. They are beautiful, high quality and freestanding. Installation is a simple and fun project for two or even the whole family. Panel Built Saunas arrive knocked down and ready to assemble. Each panel is completely finished with Western Red Cedar or Alder (plywood exteriors are optional), and is marked for easy location.

No additional materials are needed.

All Panel Built Saunas include:

• All wall and ceiling prefabricated panels.
• Panels finished inside or out with clear, tongue & groove Western Red Cedar or European Alder, fully insulated, including foil vapor barrier.
• All interior and exterior trim.
• Completely prefabricated benches, backrests, headrests, heater guard & duckboard flooring.
• Prehung door with dual-glazed, tempered window, or optional all glass door. The door is already installed and trimmed.┬áNo door hanging required.
• Helo Sauna heater, controls and rocks.
• Thermometer, wooden bucket, ladle, wall light, installation hardware and instructions.

Over 30 standard sizes to choose from, or we'll create a custom design for you.

Prestige Saunas by Helo

Outdoor Saunas

The Suburban Series are true outdoor saunas designed to fit in beautifully in your backyard, poolside, spa-side or near the patio. The Suburban Series is designed for easy assembly. Walls and roof are constructed of 4 1/4" thick insulated panels and each panel is finished on the inside with clear European Alder or Western Red Cedar. Exteriors are of the same woods or an optional maintenance free siding is available. The Suburban Series is available in 8 different models and sizes and each comes complete with benches, backrests, heater guard, duck board floor, prehung door, sauna heater, controls and accessories. Contact Us for more information and prices.

Suburban Outdoor Sauna by HeloInterior of Suburban Outdoor Sauna by Helo

Patio Saunas

Patio Saunas are modular outdoor saunas that are an ideal compliment to your pool or spa area. They are constructed on cedar runners, are completely modular and include a built-in floor. They are easy to assemble and have interiors and exteriors of clear European Alder or Western Red Cedar and cedar shingle or maintenance free roof kits and siding available as options. There are 4 sizes available and each comes complete with benches, backrests, heater guard, duck board floor, prehung all glass door, sauna heater, controls and accessories. Contact Us for more information and prices.

Pation Sauna by Helo


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